We have helped agents around the world place actors and extra's in thousands of projects.

Benefits for Talent

For only $4.98 per month, including all applicable taxes, your Actors Den profile can be accessed by agents, casting directors and producers. They use the website to search for talent. If you fall under the criteria for what role(s) or position(s) they are looking for they will contact you through the instant messaging system inside the Actors Den which you may choose to have sent to your personal email address.

Actors Den is most effective when you are represented by an agent who uses the system to inform you of upcoming acting rolls or movie extra assignments they know about through casting for you, but many unrepresented talent choose to have an Actors Den account to promote themselves and keep in-touch with others in the film industry.

You may contact us directly if you have any questions, toll free @ 1-877-228-8026.

Benefits for Agents

Booking Benefits

  • Save time and money by using email system, contacting entire agency in seconds!
  • Your talent will receive confidential details about assignments quick and easy, including maps and directions with print options.
  • Search talent for booking by specific reequirements such as sex, age, ethnicity, measurements, skills, etc.
  • Talent binder preperations for hard copy submissions made easy.

Talent Event Notification

  • Ability to contact talent in seconds with email about upcoming shoots, sources, conventions, etc.
  • Talent can receive same information on products available, rather than mixed communication over hundreds of calls.
  • Contact all talent in seconds rather than hours or days to notify of available events or products.

Organization & Talent Clientelle Satisfaction

  • Keep all talent aware of upcoming assignments and current jobs available.
  • Avoid calls inquiring of work from agency.
  • Keep accurate details of discussions staff have had with talent to avoid discrepencies or miscommunication.
  • Track production, owed commission


  • Print numbered receipts and keep track of balances owed to agency by talent.

We Do All the Work!

  • Talent calls 1-800 number for updates and changes (hair color, address, new car, etc.)
  • No work for agency to update files.

We Are Future Forward

  • If you can dream it, we can do it!